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Who knows what this means?

June 17, 2009


Finally I have a job that my nans can say they understand.

This is the proposal:  Nathan Jones will spend a year working within the Bluecoat, developing the model of a flexible and pivotal poet in residence, exploring the connections between interpretations of modern art, contemporary poetry, and arts audiences.

But who knows what this means, really?

Me! I suppose.

I wrote it,  anyway, and that must count for something in this gravy skullcap whirl.

Although I have known occasions when it hasn’t.

This proposal was based on the fact that work as an active contemporary poet includes research, workshops, creative consultation, performance, production and collaborative work, as much as it does actually writing poetry, and all of these things will make up the content of this residency.

The Bluecoat is a fantastic place to have this opportunity.  Not just because of the history and people, but also the hugely various, sprawling creative programme and the remit to support emerging artists, like me, and artforms, like mine.

As well as my love of writing and poetry, the skills I’ll bring to the residency have been earned through nearly 6 years of active creative production with Mercy – working with brilliant emerging artists of all disciplines to produce, curate, and host unique events and publications, usually with a literature focus.

Over this year at the Bluecoat, I’m particularly looking forward to working with some of the artists resident in the Bluecoat studios, some of whom I have been lucky enough to work with through Mercy projects – like Karen McCleod, Neil Keeting and Markus Soukup – and, of course, meeting and discovering more about visiting artists, exhibitiors, performers and writers at the Bluecoat… and reflecting all this in my poems, collaborations and performance pieces.

On this blog you will find poems in progress by myself and my collaborators, interviews with artists and people at the Bluecoat, and general ephemera about the residency – maybe some poems relating to the artistic programme at the Bluecoat, and those that I have come across in my research.  You get the idea.  Rarely will a post be as dry as this one!

(O, and you can find out more about my work on these sites:

MERCY – where you can check a portfolio of events pics and the Art Direction, Copywriting and Curatorial stuff that we get up to at Mercy, and

BLIP TV POEMS where there are some videos my freinds have made of performances by me and my favourite collaborators… Wave Machines.


bye. N

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  1. Gul Turner permalink
    July 19, 2009 8:08 pm

    Thanks Nathan for Having a Coke with You, it’s great poem and I haven’t even read any Frank O’Hara. I think we’re luck enough to have you here.


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