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Summary of Projects

July 27, 2009

Here are some brief notes on the projects/collaborative things that have been seeded in the last month:

1. Emotional Engagement

workshops and long-term project development based around emotion, performance and poetry, with Karen McCleod.  For this, we plan to use performers to realise our ideas, taking ourselves out of the equation.  Not sure if either of us will be able to handle this.

2. Dismemberment

Sound and poetry collaboration based on a prior collaboration with Markus Soukup.  We have the courtyard in mind as a venue for the piece, and we think it will be a durational piece about artwork, and preparing for artwork, utilising public address system ideas as a basis

3. Loaded Language

Conversation workshop with John O’Shea, about the relative aspects of loaded language in Law and in Poetry

4. Artist as Athlete, Body as Machine

Conversation and embryonic project with Sarah Nicols

Alongside these projects, we have the ongoing stuff relating to artists and arts programmes at the Bluecoat.  It is coming together just how I dreamed, in a way.

Next up is a little cut-up project for the Slow Magic opening.  And I am going to write a poem for this occasion too, limited edition prints of which will be available at the opening on Thursday.



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