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Slow Magic public poems

August 4, 2009

Here are a selection of the poems made by visitors to the gallery at the Bluecoat’s PV for the Slow Magic exhibition.  The source text consisted of two items – art-blurb by Sara Parsons for the exhibition cards; and an equal amount of text from miracle reportage.  This is in reference to certain eras of painting where the artist has been deified, and the act of art creation has been reported as a moment of ‘divine inspiration’.  In retrospect, the addition of another text would have been more interesting.  Perhaps something more mundane, like diary entries from the artists, or anyway something with a few first-person phrases and words in.

It’s interesting to note the weighting of words from each source in individual poems, and the effect that has.

(I am currently planning a hyper-macro-post-modern poem, rearranging these poems into a text by me. I am a hyper-modern-post-macro poet. Perhaps I will never complete this particular work.)


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