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Michael Douglas and Michael Douglas

August 21, 2009

This is the most progressed work in progress of my residency so far:


tomoroy poem

Beautiful? Perhaps not. We will see where this preliminary sketch leads, once I have managed to render it in words. These words may include:

Disco sticks

disaster and catastrophe transcending the every day

playful, playful, violence

the seductive edge of society

empty head


lime where the heart is

bowl of passion

rainbow redemption


droop / drop / dropp

skyscrapers fireworks family

a kind of apocalyptic fantasy

precarious representation

I am here, I am here, I am here, I am here

manipulated, variegated, striated

complex and jaded skin, face, eyes, guy

romantic smeary light

michael douglas and michael douglas

what shall I do with my love

vandalised cacti

road home

this is me lurking in the shadows

fishy rainbow



I have been studying some of the ‘concrete poetry’ work of Ian Hamilton Finlay. And reading lots of terrible poetry from the ‘Flarf’ movement in America. And looking at the performance work of darling of the art world Tris Vonna-Michell’.


I have also had my eyes opened to the mime work of this little chap in shorts.


I feel like this residency is pushing me more and more towards viewing my own work as ‘artwork’ rather than literature. I like the way this gives me a whole new sense of value to the ‘moment’ and the ‘product’. And I like the international potential of this kind of work.


A collaboration with Karen McLeod, Gavin Osborn and Shelly Atton has begun with a workshop. As I expected, my poetry work has been totally smashed to smithereens. The piece is to be about family, and the most enduring phrase that came out of the session, for me, was:

Don’t talk about shit when I’m eating. It makes me feel like I’m eating shit”


We experimented a lot with physicality, and I have come on leaps and bound with my confidence. Last night I was even pulling funny faces and doing a jerky dance. Here are some other phrases that the piece of performance may utilise…

A man’s figure as a tent.

There is someone in the centre of the room looking at a mirror.

Their faces do look like flames

who’s bodies have been torn at:

eyes like the tips of matches.

Speech is cruel.


Another workshop-discussion was a session with John O’Shea, looking at the potentials of his artwork with Law, and in particular, contract law, in reference to poetry.


There was this little poem that came out of that.

You and I are in Love

Allowing that

just as our own nature is not certain from one moment to the next

so it is with love,

It will be forever


And here are some of our notes from the session… daft really, but it’s been that kind of week….


In these notes, we were breaking ‘social contracts’ down into sections

1. NOW / US…


3. THEN…

for example:

We will have dinner at my house at 8pm

If nothing unexpected happens

If you do not have a reason otherwise

We will behave as expected in this situation

It will be nice


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