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Staff Joint Poem

September 23, 2009

EXERCISE FOR STAFF, based on the Under the Volcano exhibition at the Bluecoat.


Please feel free to join in!


This is an easy free-writing exercise that they use on mental health patients to find out if they are dangerous to society – and features in one of the Wolf poems by Luke Kennard.  So it should be a piece of cake for you guys, and maybe will have the knock-on effect of flushing out any psychopaths.


– I have been enjoying reading some of Lowry’s poems on this google books site.


One of the things in this book is that is gives you an idea of his rewrites, and it got me thinking about the legacy of ‘sound’ in his poems, as the rewrites are almost always the same sounds rewritten with different words in.
Let’s rewrite these three lines from Lowry’s poem The Cantinas (AT THE BAR), according to sound, and pass it round…  I have done the first one.  The next person should respond by rewriting mine.  I have tried to give as broad an example of how you can not make sense, spend hardly any time on it at all, and still end up feeling statisfied!  In this case, my satisfaction comes mainly from replacing the word ‘do’ with ‘poo’…


1. (M. Lowry)
Drunkards of salt water, thirsty for disaster
Derelicts do not dream of being ships:
Never does calamity forsake them

2. (N. Jones)
Junkheads pour pot slaughter, thirty more meanders.
Bury this poo, Marina, give us chips:
Paddle dust and carry me lake-ward


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