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National Poetry Day

October 8, 2009

Really great day, speaking with people in the garden here at the Bluecoat, and writing some poems with them.  I’m a lucky sod.

DSC00077I started out by barging in on people’s reveries, and asking them about the phrase Poetic Justice.  I love this phrase, and the conversations brought up lots of angles on it – from Margaret Thatcher dying in the darkness, to the idea of the ‘crafted co-incidence’.  What if life is looking after us?

The theme of National Poetry Day is Heroes and Heroines, and the conversations I had brought up the concept that life itself can be heroic, kind, and vindictive – aren’t all avenging heroes vindictive?

Here are a couple of the poems people at the Bluecoat wrote today…

The craft of coincidence, as practiced by the

philosopher tells of the mind beyond minds,

a field where only the good kids play – and the

rain stays in and falls out

and loses something of no value, while finding a

word that means everything to a heart without itself,

and nothing to words without hearts.


We all die in the dark in the end,

and are born – I opened my eyes, and I

could see nothing but my own hands.  I understand

what it is.  My father told me –

but I did question the ultimate questioner –

where did I put my thoughts? Why

did I not believe in myself?


It struck a chord.  I felt the

bliss, or blisters? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this

is restlessness.  Reflection is the key

you have to know where we are

before we can go.  We need to know

where we are starting from –

down in the stone-bright, heavy earth.


The poet felt the power of the

words are only the cries of animals when we

take away the feelings and sensations that they

leave behind them.  A necklace of

breadcrumbs.  We are all just tiny drops which

drip down to form the whole lake.  The sun

falls in: a star is born.


They’re a thoughtful lot, these folk hanging out in the garden at the Bluecoat!




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