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Sharon Mutch

October 10, 2009

sharon mutch

Took some time off mulling over the school-desk conundrum yesterday, to chat with another of the artists resident at the Bluecoat studios, Sharon Mutch about her work – and write some poems with her.  Sharon’s work is about the lack of control that a woman experiences in modern childbirth.  Her photography speaks of a distortion of physical truths, and a translation of the female form into cell-like structures – while also suggesting a fetus.


I can’t find a good image of the exact work I am discussing online, unfortunately, but her website is here… HERE


And here’s a couple of little poems we wrote… I am going to have to think of a good name for these little exquistite-corpse-style poems I am writing with people.  I love the technique I am developing – which is much to do with leading a conversation beforehand, and sort of summing up some general themes right before we go into the writing.  In these examples I like the tacit agreement that seems to have been made almost psychically, that the original subject matter is too grim, and that lighter moods should be let into the poems…


A voice smeared between two panes of glass

sounds of machines and monitors

but no-one listened.  We organise our house with photos

on the fireplace, there stands a photograph

snapshots and memories of the holidays where we

walked on the prom forever, waves crashing beneath

the sound of the fair drifting.


No voice, no choice, no dimension,

muffled by the procession of bodies.  My

teeth were clenched, fists were clenched,

body contorted with a sick pheglmy giggle, like

a hound laughing at the roadside

the rain splashing up at the rain

street lights peering into puddles.

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