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first poem from the Love Machine ™

January 26, 2010


This is Love. The original sleep experiment
which is provided for us in preparation for “Dormouse Day”

When we lie in bed squeeking.

The generation of formal Love involves both

complex creativity – and strict algorithmic restrictions
regarding our lives and determined

by tradition. Angel-faced Paula Guitierrez was 15
when she met 14 year old Nestor (Chino) DeJesus
on a subway platform in New York City.

She was a young dragon. Her breath a cloud of gas
that puts most beings to sleep. Cunning,
she lived in a deep and mysterious forest.

He had short, thick limbs and a bladelike extension.
He had a small mouth and a pronounced underbite.
He had giant slitted nostrils. He had slitted eyes that were red.

Almost immediately they began
a torrid affair fueled by sex

and marijuana. The generation of their Love

from input data, was nothing compared to that experienced by us


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