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Like Love PV intervention

January 29, 2010

There is a new exhibition opening at the Bluecoat today.  It looks pretty nifty.  There are some emerging artists in there who I have never heard of.  They are thoroughly good people, the ones I’ve met anyway, I expect I we will learn more about them on this blog over the coming weeks.

Anyway, the central attraction is a couple of pieces called ‘Like Love Pts 1 & 2″, which is an enticing enough title for a poet in residence who spends every waking hour in a wan state of love-lorn floundering over romantic simile.   The artist, Sonia Boyce is returning in glory after an exhibition in the 1985 called “Blackskin/Bluecoat” (I know! Amazing how much the world has changed for this to have been an acceptable title).

Sonia’s practice has also changed since then, and now she states that she tends towards removing herself from the centre of the work.  In this case she has been working with an artists group called Blueroom to create a film.

For the opening of the exhibition, I will be removing myself from the central role of composition for a poem.  Visitors to the exhibition will be asked to complete this sentence, Our Love is Like..  I will then Google their chosen phrase/word and create a poem with the first page of results.  You can see examples of the kind of thing below and below and below…

I like these throwaway little poems. Of course, they say more about the nature of simile than Love particularly, but all the same…

Please come along and take part, if you like that sort of thing.  Maybe you will go away with a nifty little gift for a loved one?  The poems will be printed onto a special template designed by Bobby and Sophie’s ‘Bobby’, and I presented in a special limited edition envelope.  Smaaaat lad.



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