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18th June performance

June 2, 2010

REVOLUTIONS IN FORM #2: Misunderstandings

A special event celebrating the end of my year-long residency at the Bluecoat, featuring new works from top quality practitioners operating at the outer reaches of poetry in performance.

In the first Revolutions in Form event, I presented a combination of musical, poetic, theatrical and physical performances that celebrated the diversity of practice in his area of interest. This event will take the knowledge of this diversity as its starting point, seeking to hone an exploration into the relationship between written work and audience.

The residency as a whole has brought into focus my curiosity in the nature of attention in poetic performance. Sometimes I think poetry performances can be too aggressive. I have seen performances in the Bluecoat’s performance space that have fulfilled the function of performance as a backdrop to a bigger imaginative happening much more effectively, and I will seek to use this potential in my new work, with music, visuals and film by Carl Brown and Scott Spencer

Also performing are:

A poet of massive ambition and experience, and my partner in many poetic enterprises. His work is among some of the most influential in shaping the performance scene, and he has since diversified into film-making, theatre and comedy.

Who’s poem Hot White Andy has been credited as ‘the most remarkable poem in English published this century’ by Jacket Magazine. His work is experimental and unforgivingly dense. A real treat for the imagination.

Another of my favourite creative partners, presenting the second draft of a fantastic multimedia performance piece called Scream Away.

Liverpool-based renaissance man of arts, music and film presents a one-off performance of his audio and vocal work.

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