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CandV #1: Adisa

Adisa17Star of the show at tonight’s C&V is Adisa – 8.00pm till 11.00pm at the Bluecoat.   He’s a powerful poet and performer, who’s work is rooted in education and entertainment.  It will be ace.  To get you in the mood, here’s a little exercise based on one of his poems.  FILL IN THE BLANKS, COMPLETE THE METAPHORS.

Gumboot Dance

There is a sound

That lives 300 feet beneath

The surface of ______

Were dreams once danced

Like ___________

Cutting through the yellow air


Men stomp; with bronze feet

Kicking the listener back to life

With a rhythm heavy like _____

Crossing language borders

_________ in their eyes

And _______ on their breath


Clawing diamonds from rocks

For a moment ______ ___ ____

Finders are not keepers

In this ________ _______

So when the sun dies

There is no ____________


Now rubber and hand

Play Satchmo blues

Words become _______

_________ at greedy boys

Who call themselves men


And slaps

Cascade over ______ ______

Serenading distant wives

Cooling the sting

Of this _______ _______

Where hope is __________


There is a sound

Older than words

A symphony of _____ and _____

When the ______ starts

In this _______ ________

Thunder turns, and ______ _______

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